Dining Area


Our dining area is available for reservations without any age restrictions with a view toward the stage.



The lounge area has a direct view towards the stage with comfortable couch seating. Due to its high demand we offer only a first come first serve basis. 18+ only!



Our bar offers seating for up to 12 people and has a view over our complete wine selection for you to choose from. 18+ only!

Red Room


The ‘Red Room’ is normally used for parties of 4 or more and private events and offers a little more secluded atmosphere.



We have two patios with a capacity of 20 people each and is also available for reservations.


We serve lunch from Monday through Friday at 10:58AM to 3PM. For more info please check our lunch menu.


Our dinner time starts at 3PM in the afternoon and are open everyday throughout the week. Saturday and Sunday we open at 3:57PM. We close the kitchen at 10pm Monday through Wednesday & Sundays, 11pm on Thursdays, and 12pm on Fridays and Saturdays.


Order ‘TO GO’, grab a bottle for retail price and enjoy the Mercy experience at home. You can order online on our shop, give us a call or come in and enjoy a glass at the bar while you wait for your order to be prepared.