'No one could look as good as you, mercy'


Mercy is the birth of an amazing friendship,

love about great food and wine,

and a tribute to a musical legend.

Our Story

Mercy was born in 2003 out of Glen’s passion for fine food and wanting to learn more about wine.  The seed was planted while traveling in France and Italy.  It is very common to find a small bistro where you can try a glass of great wine and bite to eat. You can move 10 feet away and taste another wine again.  There were very few places that offered this in the US.  Glen saw an opportunity early on to bring this same concept to Dallas.  Glen befriended Vincent Havard, sommelier from famed French restaurant, Voltaire.  They forged a friendship and partnership and together brought Mercy into the world.  Their goal was to provide over 100 wines by the glass from over 12 countries.  They believed there was a market for the guest who wanted to try something new, learn more about wine and experience some of the great wines of the world in a cozy, warm, inviting atmosphere.

One of Glen’s passions is music and he has become known as one of the largest private collectors in the world of artifacts and memorabilia of Roy Orbison.  Glen is often asked where the name Mercy comes from.  He is often heard telling the story of Orbison going into the studio to record the song ‘Oh, Pretty Woman’ where he utters “no one could look as good as you, mercy.”

Mercy is Glen’s tribute to his musical idol Roy Orbison.


Glen Agritelley

Glen Agritelley


After a successful 10 year career at Microsoft, Glen Agritelley decided to make his passions his vocation. Glen’s passion for tennis, wine, food and music took center stage in his life. He purchased the prestigious tennis club TBarM Racquet Club and worked to bring that back to national prominence. He then built Mercy Wine Bar..

Glen has built lifestyle companies that deliver world-class service to his customers and guests.

Vincent Havard

Vincent Havard

Proprietor, Manager and Sommelier

Vincent Havard is manager of Mercy and designed the bar’s magnificent wine menu that offers over 50 wines from over 10 countries by the bottle and 100 wines by the carafe. His passion for wine is captivating. Born and raised in France, Vincent began working in the hospitality industry at the ripe age of thirteen. One year later, he was studying restaurant management at Lycee Hotelier and has since worked around the world, continuing to learn all aspects of education in the hospitality industry. His wine knowledge and enthusiasm for the industry are all-encompassing and refreshing. Vincent formerly worked at the extravagant Dallas-based restaurant Voltaire.